Have you always wanted to discover history in a different way? To travel through time? Then the HISTORY PARK project is for you!

HISTORY PARK is the project carried by the 250 members of the association CHEMIN DE FER DES 3 FRONTIERES a.s.b.l., based in the province of Li├Ęge. This ambitious project aims to combine fun, interaction and learning during a journey that will make you discover history in an innovative way.

HISTORY PARK consists of two different sites: Hombourg Park 1940 and Montzen Park 1970. These two tourist centres are connected by a tourist railway, which will not only take you on a journey through the beautiful landscape of the three borders, but will also take you back in time!

Brochure presenting the HISTORY PARK project

Hombourg 1940

In Homburg 1940, you can relive the dark atmosphere of the 1940s, with Belgian, British, German and American military camps… You will have the opportunity to witness the invasion of the German forces and later the liberation. Of course, you will be checked by former gendarmes. The postal system of the time will be explained to you, as well as the telegraphy systems etc. Finally, you will have the opportunity to eat and drink a Pin-Up’s show, which is necessary to take your mind off such a cruel era. Rest assured, the visit does not end there. Take a ride with us on an old steam train and let us take you through superb landscapes to the second tourist centre: Montzen 1970.

The project

A historical museum that immerses the visitor in the atmosphere of the 1940s and 1970s.

Expected opening date

July 2026

Activities that will be proposed

Historical re-enactments

Montzen 1970

When you arrive in Montzen in 1970, the first thing you notice is that the war is well and truly over. From now on you will see the telephone booths so typical of the time, customs officers, a small village school class and maybe even a few hippies!

The 70s is also the beginning of a new era, with new and more advanced industrial techniques. You will therefore have the opportunity to discover how the railways maintained their trains in a workshop. Finally, you will be able to have a drink while listening to the most famous music groups of the decade, before taking the train back to Homburg 1940.

HISTORY PARK, as you will have understood, is the discovery of history by living it!